Clontarf Castle Hotel

Castle Avenue, Clontarf

Dublin 3, Ireland, D03 W5N0

Phone: + 353 (0)1 8332321

Fax: + 353 (0)1 8330418



Hotel Booking Link (all the way below) and FAQ, please read:

Question: I see that that the link only gives me an option of booking on 14, 15 and 16 nights. Can I book for longer?

Answer: No. The negotiated WITS rate is only available for these nights. If you want to book longer then you should do the following. Book online for the WITS nights. Then call the hotel directly and ask about extending the booking to previous days, WITS does not provide any guarantee that you will be able to get rooms on other nights though.

Question: When I go in to book why do the rates appear higher than the WITS negotiated rate of 139 Euros single and 149 Euros double occupancy?

Answer: The rates shown in your screen are likely in a different currency (e.g. USD instead of Euros). Also they will show up by default as double occupancy. But as you go through the booking process you will see a place where you have to specify the number of adults in the room. It will be “2 Adults” as default. Changing it to “1 Adult” will automatically reduce the rate to the WITS negotiated rate for single occupancy.

Question: Do I need to select a “breakfast option” for the room?

Answer. No. All room rates for WITS include breakfast, so please don’t pay extra.

Question: The hotel’s website says it’s “sold out”, do I need to book elsewhere?

Answer. No. The hotel’s website indicates as such since they have blocked rooms for WITS. To reserve rooms you must use the link below. However, once all blocked rooms are sold out you have to find an alternative.

WITS hotel reservation link: